Lupin – Memories of the Flame: Tokyo Crisis


Lupin – Memories of the Flame: Tokyo Crisis


Other Name:
Lupin III: Honoo no Kioku - Tokyo Crisis,ルパン三世『炎の記憶 ~Tokyo Crisis~』

Action Adventure Comedy Mystery Shounen

Japan's last Shogun warrior has cleverly hidden a secret treasure worth $20 billion. Conveniently, hints of its location can be found in two portraits of him, in the form of large, etched plates. The usual cast sets out to search in two groups, Lupin with his cohorts and Goemon with Fujiko, all hungry for the sweet taste of victory. But of course, the task is no cinch.A mysterious reporter named Maria joins in the frantic search and, with an ESP-like power to see the future, winds up a key player. She's also important to theme park owner Michael Suzuki, who is believed to possess one of the plates. Marvel as Lupin operates with his usual charisma and smooth style in the wild pursuit of the city's most valuable hidden treasure.

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